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inner_square's Journal

The Inner Square
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This community is primarily based on Harry Potter, but that is mainly a common ground to get to know each other. As long as you aren't using the community as your own journal, you can post things a bit off topic.

As a warning: the members of this community do like partaking in what we call "summary bashing". This, loosely, is finding extremely cheesy summaries from fanfiction.net, and, well, bashing them. This does not mean that we are making fun of the author, or of the fic itself. We joke around with the summary, and the summary only. It is possible that this may be offensive, and in advance, we apologize.

However, we do ask that you be respectful of our opinions, summary bashing or not, as this community is open to everybody. We also ask that you do not become offended with what has been posted. If you are, and you feel the need to comment, please do so respectfully. If you are not respectful of comments that are posted, we will remove you, or your comments, from the site.

Also, we do ask that you act with some maturity. We have nothing against posts that contain comments about ships and such, but we ask that netspeak and "fangirl" comments be left outside of the community.

This community is maintained by annabelle_lee and rainmuse. Our main goal in starting this community was to meet new people who share the common bond of Harry Potter. We love to have fun, although we will step in and be "meanies" if necessary.